Welcome! Let us help you enhance your magical practice with high-quality occult products to meet all your metaphysical and spiritual practice needs. Find tarot decks, spell candles, herbal incense, pendulum and spirit boards, runes, and more! Our products are made with care and intention to bring power into your magic and ritual work. Browse our shop and find what you need to heal a relationship, level up your spell work, attract abundance, or to bring love into your life.

Veil and Bone is an occult shop that seeks to provide you with the tools to access your inner power and give rise to the magic within you. Shop online or come meet us at events around the country! Regardless of your magical path or practice, you’re sure to find something to level up your craft.

If you are looking for guidance or have pressing questions on your mind, you can also get a psychic reading with our advisors Kyle and Mahikol! Get a tarot reading, rune reading, or reiki healing, or dive deeply into your current energy and direction with a full life reading. Discover what the universe holds for you and how you can move past blocks, obstacles, or karmic cycles. 

Access Your Inner Power

At Veil and Bone, our guiding principle is giving the magickal community the tools and resources to access their inner power. We believe in the transformative power of magick, divination, and spirituality. Through our personal practices, we have found peace, insight, and clearer paths to further pursue spirituality and our practices.

Within each one of us lays a dormant power, one that can be awakened and that puts you in control of your life and energy. It’s through our divination tools, magickal resources, and products that we hope to help you access the power within yourself and pierce the veil to see the magick behind the reality we inhabit. So, if you’re looking for a way to take your practice and spiritual or magickal experience to the next level, you’ve come to the right place!